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Pets Are People Too has been serving the Markham community since 1985! Shortly after getting my psychology degree, I began as an apprentice groomer at Pets Are People Too in 1995 and became the owner in 1998. In addition to owning a salon, I have also worked in a mobile grooming vehicle and in other salons both large and small. I have attended many trade shows to enhance my education, and use up-to-date equipment. I am also certified in Pet First Aid through the American Red Cross. Although Pets Are People Too is recommended by local obedience trainers and veterinarians, my business has grown mainly through the referrals of my satisfied clients. I was very pleased and grateful that Pets Are People Too was voted Markham's Best Groomer for 2002 by the readers of the Markham Economist and Sun!

I am delighted to now be one of the very few house-call groomers in Ontario! I now come directly into your home to groom your pet where they feel most comfortable. This service is ideal for young, elderly, nervous, or physically challenged pets. The grooming itself will only take one to two and a half hours, depending on the breed of your dog. Your dog never has to leave home, wait in a cage, or listen to the barking of other dogs. Owners are permitted to stay with their dog during the grooming process, although they may be asked to keep their distance if their presence excites the dog.

With a shorter grooming time, no car rides, and no strange animals, grooming for your pet will be as stress-free as possible. This convenient, luxurious, one-on-one service reduces the anxiety of both the pets and their owners. Furthermore, I am thrilled that this service can combine high quality products, patience, and experience with a more quiet, private environment to produce the best results for your pet.

Thank you for trusting me with your pets,

Stephanie Smyth (Owner, Groomer)

in-home / house-call dog grooming

Pricing & Services

Prices depend on the size, condition and behaviour of each dog. Dogs who go more than 8 weeks between clips may be subject to an extra fee of $5 to $10. Extra dematting is $5 per 10 minutes. Exceptionally matted dogs will be shaved for humane reasons and an extra $25 fee will apply. Sorry, it will not be possible to groom aggressive dogs.

Please contact me for a quote and I will be happy to discuss the services with you. If necessary, a consultation appointment can be made in order to provide a more accurate estimate. Services must be paid in full at each appointment. Cash or cheques are accepted.


House-call Grooming

A full service, professional groom is provided in the comfort of your own home. All that is required is a place to bath the dog (sink, laundry tub, shower or bath tub), an electrical outlet and reasonable light. Suggested locations are a bathroom, laundry room, garage, or basement.

A full grooming includes:

  • Bath with quality shampoos and conditioners
  • Hand blow-dried and brushed
  • Nails trimmed and filed
  • Ears plucked (if necessary) and wiped clean
  • Sanitary trim
  • Full haircut according to breed standard or owner's desires
  • Cleanup of the grooming area following the groom

Individual services can also be provided:

  • Nail trims and filing
  • Pads and feet trimmed
  • Sanitary trims

Due to the nature of the service, dogs must be under 50 lbs. Sorry, it will not be possible to groom aggressive dogs.

Learn to Groom Your Dog

Have you ever tried to groom your dog and discovered it was a little trickier than you expected? I can teach you which tools to use to make the job easier and how use them to safely groom your dog yourself. The program will be specifically tailored to you and your dog. Lessons are $50 per hour with a minimum fee of three hours. The length of time required will vary by each individual and the cooperation of their pet. Contact us for more information. Please note this is intended only for the dog owner looking to groom their own pet, not to begin a career in pet grooming. It is also not recommended for aggressive dogs.

How to book an appointment

Appointments are available Monday to Friday starting at 8:00 a.m. To book an appointment please call:

Photo Gallery

Rover Made Over! From shaggy and dirty to clean and trimmed. Here are some of our glorious grooming makeovers!
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